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Alcoholic Eyes: Identifying and Treating Alcoholic Vision Loss

It is a treatable condition, but left untreated, can cause permanent effects on vision and memory. AMD is a condition that results in permanent vision loss over time. Chronic alcohol abuse is thought blurry vision after drinking to be a contributing factor to developing this condition. Fortunately, most short-term signs of alcoholic eyes and eye pain after drinking should improve as the body rebounds from alcohol exposure.

It is a more serious condition than some of the other effects described above. And, it’s an ongoing condition that grows worse over time. Alcohol can cause dilated pupils, but at a different rate than other drugs. When people drink alcohol, their pupils dilate slower than they usually do, which can cause blurred vision or tunnel vision. If you find that you’re experiencing health-related problems from drinking alcohol and are having a hard time cutting back, you are not alone. Quitting alcohol can be incredibly difficult and sometimes dangerous when attempted alone. Loodshot eyes from drinking are not the only temporary conditions that alcohol has on the eyes.

Drinking After Laser Eye Surgery

However, long-term, heavy drinking can pose some serious threats to our vision. It can increase the chances of developing age-related macular degeneration. While this usually occurs in older people, it can be spurred on by excessive smoking and alcohol consumption. Heavy drinking also increases blurry vision after drinking the chances of cataract formation, and the risk of optic neuropathy, or vision loss. Excessive drinking also affects the body’s absorption of vitamins, which can adversely affect the eyes. Depending on which vitamin is lacking, it can lead to night blindness, thinning of the cornea, etc.
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We’ll explain the next steps to take, to ensure the best possible outcome. Our goal is to provide top-notch eye care delivered with a smile for all of our patients. Excessive alcohol consumption can also slow down the pupil’s reaction time. Pupils won’t be able to dilate or constrict appropriately in response to changes in light conditions. In this situation, your ability to see colors and shades becomes impeded. For some people who develop AMD, their disease develops very slowly.

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Your eyes might also get dry and irritated when you drink because alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it makes you need to urinate more frequently. And when you urinate frequently, your body becomes dehydrated. This causes many people to experience eye pain after drinking. Ironically, moderate alcohol consumption may prevent this condition. However, once excessive alcohol consumption becomes an issue, there is an elevated risk of developing cataracts. Diabetes is characterized by excessively high blood sugar levels. In some people it causes food to be digested faster than usual, leading to rapid spikes in blood sugar. Elevated blood sugar can lead to fluid to build up in the eyes, resulting in blurry vision. A recent systematic review and meta-analysis revealed that heavy alcohol consumption significantly increased the risk of age-related cataract.

Alcohol’s long-term effects on your eyes and vision

So, if you go from a dark room to a light room or vice versa, you’d have a lot of trouble adjusting to the new lighting. Aside from the obvious symptom of having the whites of the eye look red, bloodshot eyes may also feel itchy, burning, painful and may cause the eyelids to swell. Normally this isn’t anything to worry about unless the redness does not go away. Double vision is not dangerous unless you’re behind the wheel. Tyler Sorensen is the President and CEO of Rebuild Your Vision. Formerly, Tyler studied Aeronautics with the dream of becoming an airline pilot, however, after 9/11 his career path changed. After graduating top of his class with a Bachelor of Science in Informational Technologies and Administrative Management, he joined Rebuild Your Vision in 2002. Jamila you should tell your dad to go to the doctor at soon as possible they might be signs of cirrhosis of the liver ,eyes tells you everything from in the body ..

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