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Hajj in Makkah Essay Sample

On their heads, Saudi women traditionally wear a shayla – a black, gauzy scarf that is wrapped around the head and secured with circlets, hats or jewelry. Traditional dress is often richly decorated with coins, sequins or brightly colored fabric appliqués. Poetry is especially important to Arab cultural life, and has long been considered one of the highest expressions of literary art. The Department of Culture regularly sponsors exhibitions, literary readings and symposia at its regional offices as well as its Riyadh headquarters. It also sponsors Saudis to participate in international art and cultural events, including poetry and essay competitions as well as exhibits of calligraphy and artwork.

descriptive essay about makkah

It was said that this was the site where the wife of the Prophet Ibrahim found water for her infant son. According to legend, the well was dug up by angel Jibril who caused the spring to appear. The name Zamzam comes from the phrase Zomë Zomë which literally means “stop flowing” in relation to the command that Hajar tried to issue to stop the spring water from flowing. This was also the site where tribes would frequent during their pilgrimage in order to settle disputes and settle debts as well as for other religious reasons. Aside from the historical considerations, the religious ties that are connected to the holiest place in Islam, the Kaaba, make it the center of any Muslim faith. The fact that the five pillars also require Muslims to visit this place makes it equally important for every Muslim to endeavor to visit this place at least once in their entire lifetime. This is the reason why millions of Muslims make this pilgrimage every year.

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You can use it as an example when writing your own essay or use it as a source, but you need cite it. You structured this essay very well with one para dedicated to atmosphere and the other dedicated to architecture.

My favorite place in my hometown is al-Masjid al-Haram in Makkah also called ” Holy Mosque”. It considered the biggest mosque in the world that is why it can accommodate millions of worshippers. The holy mosque has one of the best Islamic architecture.

The Architecture of the Kaaba

Zamzam wall inside the mosque provides water, which is known to be a medicine for any disease if it is drunk with complete trust in curing. Every time I visit this place, I drink many glasses of Zamzam water to refresh myself. When the Imam recites verses softly with an angelic voice, tears comes to my eyes and I feel happy to the point that I want him not to stop.

As a result, Mecca can accommodate the continually increasing number of pilgrims, or hajjis. Because it is sacred, only Muslims are allowed to enter the city.

Foundation for Islam: The Five Pillars

For crowd management, many organizations are using RFID chips to track and monitor people and products. This high technology is an effective way of identifying and helping people in urgent situations (Yamin M. et al 2009). These RFID carry some PDA which can be used for medical emergencies and for reporting lost pilgrims with their groups. The device should be linked to the event database so as to facilitate the retrieval and updates as and when required.

What is inside Makkah?

The interior contains nothing but the three pillars supporting the roof and a number of suspended silver and gold lamps. During most of the year the Kaaba is covered with an enormous cloth of black brocade, the kiswah. The Kaaba surrounded by pilgrims during the hajj, Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Every year, the Saudi government publishes a list of required vaccines for pilgrims, which for 2010 also includes yellow fever, polio, and influenza. The pilgrimage to Mecca commence at the Jeddah airport, a large city in Saudi Arabia. As the tourism in Mecca is very popular during the Hajj month, there are two special terminals for the people arriving to Mecca. There are direct bus services from the airport to Mecca Saudi descriptive essay about makkah Arabia. Mecca is a holy place of Muslims in Saudi Arabia where it is believed that the prophet Muhammad lived and taught more than 1,300 years ago. Mecca had become an important place in the history by the time when Prophet Mohammed was born in about 570 AD. Mecca, the holy place has fallen with yearly ebb and flow of pilgrims as a result of growing Muslim community in the World and eventually the spread of Islam.

The Era of the Prophet Muhammad

It has been written in Quran that there is a fountain that appears between the hills (Ahmed Z.U. 1992). At sunset, the fast is broken with a special meal and there is additional worship and evening prayer but it is also a time when families come together and celebrate giving each other gifts. Muslims break their fast at sunset with a special meal, referred to as an iftar; they take part How to Paraphrase Examples in a nocturnal worship service that is called a tarawih. Around 2100 BC, Allah directed Abraham on where to construct the Kaaba . Soon after the construction of the Kaaba, an angel of Allah gave the prophet Abraham a black stone collected from the Qubays . People believed that the original color of the stone was white but it became black due to contamination with the sins of Adam .

The construction of the Kaaba started under the instruction of Sultan Murad . Doak contended that the Kaaba was constructed with approximately two thousand stones of different sizes and descriptive essay about makkah shapes. Doak asserts that approximately 400 years before Muhammad was born, Amr bin Lahyo placed an idol on the Kaaba’s roof. The idol was the fundamental god in the reign of Quraysh.

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