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College Application Resume Guide and Template

When I was a kid, and admissions officer from a big college spoke to my class. Just pick one of our templates and follow advice from this guide. Resume Templates Find the perfect resume template. Prepare a contact list with addresses of friends and family members and make labels with your new address, some for you and some to share with others. Follow up with the financial aid office to ensure all paperwork is complete.

sample college application resume for high school seniors

It not only provides the admission counselor with your one-page personal profile, but also acts as another sample of your ability to write, organize, and present yourself. The college résumé focuses on your academic achievements, extra-curricular activities, and personal interests. This is your chance to neatly list everything you have accomplished throughout your high school career. Keep in mind that while this résumé can supplement your application, you should still fill in everything that’s required on the application itself, unless directed otherwise. Once you have decided what college you will be attending, you must pay a deposit to confirm you attendance and ‘save’ your space at the school; this is called an Admission Deposit.

Basic and Simple Resume Template Examples

While a great interview cannot make up for a poor academic record, it will surely enhance your chance for acceptance if you take it seriously and present yourself well. You may want to ask your references to focus on specific qualities or skills that you consider strengths. Give your references your college résumé, activity list, or a “brag sheet” to help them write a stronger letter of recommendation. This detailed background information will help them relate all of your accomplishments and interests to your academic success. Be sure to provide your references with the appropriate forms that are provided by the college. As with most of the college application process, there is no absolute answer.

What should a 16 year old put on a resume?

If you’re like most 16-year-olds and you have no work experience, then do this. Write a list of your skills, strengths and experience. Focus on your education and any extra-curricular activities you participate in, such as sports. Highlight anything that would help you do well on the job you’re applying for.

Excellence in math skills that have been used to handle customer service duties such as cash register handling and monetary transactions. Before sending in your resume, it’s important to proofread and check for any spelling or grammar errors.

What is Regular Decision? Rolling Admission? Early Action? Early Decision?

To learn about tutoring programs in your area, feel free to contact us for more information. It can spark a college admission essay topic. Schools want to learn about an applicant through his or her essay. Reflecting on experiences from summer jobs, volunteer work, or school activities may lead to a unique essay topic that will make your child stand out. It’s hard to sit down and write your first resume when you have no formal work experience. We all start somewhere, and you’d be surprised what all you can include on your resume.

If you feel unsure about your proofreading skills, ask a friend, parent, sibling, or teacher sample college application resume for high school seniors to help you. Start by thinking through what information you want to include on your resume.

What should go on a college resume?

Highlight negative information – If you weren’t a top student, focus on how you’ve improved your grades over the last few years rather than just giving a GPA. If you have high test scores sample college application resume for high school seniors but mediocre GPA, put the test scores higher on the resume. Summer Activities – The most highly competitive programs are hoping you took the summers to engage in learning activities.

  • For instance, if you answer that you speak more than one language; new boxes will appear asking for more specific information.
  • In this resume, for instance, if they were applying for a job at a different salon, that work experience should be put first since it’s the most relevant.
  • The roles you had most recently should be at the top.
  • It is important to keep in mind that a particular school may fall into one category for one student and into another category for that student’s classmate.
  • These are good opportunities to develop a contact with schools of interest.
  • Those all energize high school resumes for college.

Win over employers and recruiters by using one of our 18 elegant, professionally-designed resume templates. If you don’t have one already, sign up for a professional sounding email address. Definitely don’t use the silly one that’s an in-joke with your high school clique. Whether you’re writing a sorority resume or putting together a resume for your first job, it can be difficult to get started. It’s tough to know how you’re supposed to write a great teen resume without any real work experience. Put emphasis on your writing rather than your cover letter’s design. List your extracurricular, volunteer, community and family activities.

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Even if you haven’t held a paid position before, there’s still plenty of information to include on your resume. High schoolers can highlight educational achievements, after-school activities, and volunteer work. A resume for college admission is Hook in Essay Writing important as it is the most direct way that the university can have profound insights into applicants. Your high school resume for college applications can show not only your abilities and personalities but also clear views of your experiences.

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